3 Tips to master inversions

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Handstand is common goal for yogis

Tip 1: Remove Fear

When attempting to master inversions fear is probably the most common barrier. I’d suggest articulating what it is you’re concerned about first, then finding a way to mitigate it. So if you’re worried about falling over in handstand, use a wall. If you are worried about crushing your face in crow, put a pillow under your head. Inversions is a skill based practice so you don’t want to be wasting energy worrying about something while trying to learn something else. Remove the fear and get practicing. If you want a place to start check out my handstand tutorials HERE

Tip 2: Consistency over intensity

Mastering inversions is not only about how often you practice, but how perfect you practice. A great way to ensure your’e getting good practice in is to not train till failure. Especially at the beginning, doing inversions will likely work new muscles and doing too much in one go will cause injury. As we get tired, we also lose form and develop bad habits. So what’s the answer? Short sessions, every day. I feel there is a limit to how much your body can learn in a day anyway, so by doing little and often you give your body and mind the best chance to master inversions. Follow me on instagram to see my daily routine @thedownwarddoug

Tip 3: Variety is key

My last tip to master inversions is to mix it up. In the types of exercises you do, the order you do them in and even where you do them. You are trying to learn how to balance, not just one skill. By mixing it up you’ll keep challenging your body to adapt. It will also help you stay interested in the practice as each new drill is like a new puzzle. Do variations, take one hand away, try different entries or even make something new up. All these things will create a better awareness of your body in space, also known as proprioception.

Bonus Tip: Learn with me

Come join me at one of my workshops to learn more in person. I love teaching inversions and know the joys of nailing them. Click Here to see where and when I’m teaching next.