5 reasons people don’t do yoga and why they are all wrong is probably a more correct title for this. I love spreading the good word of yoga, but sometimes it falls on deaf ears. We all have that friend that forever says they wish could get into yoga, but for a variety of reasons just can’t. Below I have summed up the top 5 reasons people don’t do yoga along with a rebuttal sure to stop excuses in their tracks.

1. I’m too stiff to do yoga

By far one of the most popular reasons people don’t do yoga. For me this is the equivalent of saying you’re too dirty to have a shower. The beauty of yoga is that flexibility is a by-product of the practice. There is no entry exam for yoga. All you need is your body, your breath, and a little bit of will power. To paraphrase Pattabhi Jois; old people can do yoga, sick people can do yoga, people with no strength can do yoga. Everyone can do yoga, except lazy people, lazy people can’t do yoga. The real answer here is not to worry about how things look, but rather how things feel. Yoga is a great place for self inquiry. Think intention over presentation.

2. Everyone will look at me

Two things you should remember if this a reason you won’t do yoga. Firstly, in a room of people looking to reach enlightenment, whether your left pinky is facing the correct way is not that interesting. Everyone is so engaged in what they are doing (or should be) they rarely have time to scan the room. Secondly, your life should never be dictated by other people or your presumptions about they think. We have no control of others, only of ourselves and our actions, and ultimately that is all we are responsible for. If you still feel uneasy though, there is a massive online collection of classes to follow, some free some not. I suggest these ones, and yes I’m in there! 

Doug Robson and a man are standing in the field full of people.
Me and Patrick Beach (how handsome is he?)

3. Yoga is slow and boring

Another popular reason people don’t do yoga. I’ll address the slow and then the boring. Yes yoga can be slow. Just like food can be spicy. However, does this mean all food is spicy? No. Yoga, just like the word “food”, is an umbrella term. Therefore you may have to try a few different types to find your favourite. If you’re looking for something more dynamic then try out Power Flow, Vinyasa Flow or Rocket. These classes are tough and engaging. Try these classes below, I teach on a sat 11:30 and if you’re not sweating I’ll give you you’re money back!

Now as for yoga being “boring’, that is on you I’m afraid! In every pose there is so much to think about. The placement of each one of your limbs, the slight nuances of engagement and even how even your breath is. If your mind is wondering then you need to ask why?

People are doing Warior Yoga with Doug Robson.
Yoga isn’t always slow or boring

4: I’m no good at yoga

This reason for not doing yoga is an interesting one, as it poses a good question, “what is the metric for measuring yoga?”  For instance we seem to conflate being flexibility with being good at yoga, however someone could be flexible and have never done yoga. Additionally, a yogi of 10 years might not be flexible or do a handstand. It’s impossible to tell what’s going on in their body and that’s where yoga is really happening. Inside. Good yoga is about intention rather than presentation. Yoga poses don’t need to look pretty to work. It just requires you to move mindfully with your breath, notice the sensations in your body and react accordingly.  If you are capable of breathing you can do “good yoga”.

5: I don’t have time

I totally understand this reason. Time is a limited resource and we all have a lot to do. Keep in mind though that yoga reduces stress and increases your ability to concentrate. This in turn means you’ll be able be far more efficient in your tasks as you work with a clearer head. A recent study found that 20 minutes of yoga was far superior to vigorous forms of exercise in it’s ability to improve cognitive function. Yoga seems to have the unique capacity to improve body and mind, giving you two results in just one sitting. So if you’re looking to make the most out of your day then Yoga is the obvious choice.

There you have it, the top 5 reasons people don’t do yoga and why they are all wrong. Hopefully that helps you convince your friends to find yoga. If you are looking to jump start your yoga journey or introduce a friend to yoga please reach out and let me book you in for free. Just email me Yoga@thedownwarddoug.com or DM me on instagram. Or why not come on my retreat in Bali or Sri Lanka as we do daily practice, surfing and generally have a great time, click here to find out more.