Masculinity in Action


Men’s Retreat


6th -9th  OCT 2022

(Only 6 spots left)


 WHO is this for?


This is a Call To All Men. You possess an incredible combination of biology and experience and this retreat aims to develop your greatness by giving you connection and direction. Using the Maps to Masculinity formulation this retreat will give you the opportunity to connect with your experience of being a man.


There is no other retreat like this.


I’ve worked in the hyper-masculine world of Stunts on Hollywood films and the more feminine world of being a nanny and yoga teacher.  In this retreat, I join these life experiences along with my 7 years of study in Psychology and Neuroscience to help you express the full range of your masculinity. I understand first-hand that masculinity comes in many forms and wherever you fall on that masculinity spectrum you are welcome here.


Being a man covers so many aspects and too often we neglect one or more of its elements. We will be exploring what the experience of being a man is through the prism of the 4 Male Archetypes: The King, The Warrior, The Lover and The Magician. Archetypes are based on the work of psychiatrist Carl Jung who recognised the same characters were seen in ancient and modern day stories across all cultures.  Two students of Jung applied this to male characters and found these four archetypes exemplified the elements of masculinity. I will be explaining each of them and guiding you through exercises that are carefully designed to help you embody each. You’ll also be invited to reflect on where you have come from and what it is you want from life. We will then use my Maps to Masculinity formula to aid in that endeavour.


You’ll be staying in barrack-style structures in the beautiful farmlands of Bournemouth. Wide open spaces with bunk beds, a communal lounge, hot water outdoor showers and a jacuzzi. All food will be cooked on-site by our resident chef who will cater to any and all dietary requirements. 


Each day we start the day with a yoga and breathwork session before eating our delicious breakfast made on-site by our resident chef.


 In each teaching session, we will approach a different archetype as a means to inspire reflection, journaling and conversation. You’ll be invited to share your thoughts and listen to the experience of others. This is a power means of connecting with yourself and your brothers.


For each of the Archetypes there will be corresponding activity for us to do together that embodies each archetype that we have discussed to show you how you can embody that energy. Through this system, you’ll get to learn about and experience what each of your masculine energies is and feels like. 


 You’ll then gear up and join the British Special Forces as they bring all these energies together.  They will show you the importance of handling a weapon, how it can be an instrument of precision when used correctly and how it can be dangerous to all when it’s not. Just like our masculinity. You’ll have two 3 hours sessions with them to get proficient and test your skills. 


There will also be free time to hang out, use the jacuzzi, play games and get to know your fellow brothers on this journey with you.We will end the evening with dinner together and fireside chats. 


 This is all running from Oct 6-9th, 


 I hope you can join. I think you’ll get a great deal out of it. 


Currently, there is an early bird discount till Sept 10 making it £950 and a further 20% off if you bring a friend or referral. I’m also happy to chat about any payment plans or any financial burdens that are a concern.


 I look forward to hearing from you!





• Bournemouth
Beautiful location, Glamping Pods






• All activities and accommodation


• Daily yoga  (all levels)


• Daily Mediation and Breath-work


• Exploration of the what it means to be a Man
• Guided Journaling sessions
• Fireside sharing in a supportive environment 
• Games, Teamwork Drills, Jacuzzi, Ice Baths
• Firearms and Tactician Lessons with British Special Forces
• Goal Setting and Life Planning
• All Meals









£950 when booking before Sept  10th


£1050 When booking before Sept 25th
















Need More Convincing?

Watch this short video below.
Having run my own retreats before, I know exactly what it takes to get these things up and running and make them magical. And that’s what Doug did. He made it magical.So if your’e thinking about having a magical time and experiencing something you’ve never done before I strongly recommend one of Doug’s retreats. You will not be disappointed. Faisal PMA

Fitness Influencer