CANGGU sign on a rice field between houses.

Ultimate Travel Guide to Canggu

Canggu is the Mecca for holiday makers, yogis and digital nomads. It is a unique mix of beaches, trendy cafes, designer stores, delicious food and a bustling nightlife. Navigating your way through can be tricky so I have put together a travel guide to help you. Before you even start reading make sure you check out my Travel Tips for Bali for all my hints on what to know and pack before you go!

Where to stay

1: Lebak Residence:

My travel guide had to start with my favourite hotel to stay at. This place is such great value, the grounds are stunning, has three pools, the rooms are big and fitted with aircon and they have spacious bathrooms with great pressure and hot water. All this for only £30 a night and it includes breakfast!! It is a long walk to beach from here, so either get yourself a scooter ( you can rent them here) or get GO JEK. It’s also a great place for handstand practice.

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2. FRii hotel, Surf Motel and Ecosfera

These all in a similar price range to Lebak and much closer to the beach. They are far less pretty and a little noisier as they are right in town. If convience is your thing though, they are all great options. If you choose Surf Motel though be aware one side of the building faces a nightclub that pumps on a Friday and Saturday so ask for the rooms on the opposite side. Click the links below to book.

3: Serenity:

This yoga hub is stunning and also the best place to do yoga in my opinion. It has a huge pool and lovely grounds with the sound of running water, flowers everywhere and a top notch vegan restaurant. Serenity sits one beach away from the main road so is quieter, and only a 5 minute walk to the strip. It gets booked up pretty quick though so book in advance.

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4: Villas:

If you’re traveling in a group of two or more, I would definitely check out this option. Air B an B and host some really cool places that are less money than you think.

5: Udara:

This place is ridiculous. In every sense of the word. From its giant turtle statue and carved monkey banister to the floating pool massage. It has a spa, a great pool and an ever better pool bar. The rooms are gorgeous and so stylishly done you’ll not want to leave, which is just as well as it’s pretty far from the main hub of Canggu. That is part go the charm, it’s self contained and feels like it’s own community. There are two incredible yoga shallas with breathtaking views and the food is very good and all pretty healthy. It is pricey though (£250 a night), so if you want some down time away form the hustle and bustle and got the cash then this is your place.

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Where to yoga?

As a yoga teacher and your travel guide I’m going to be as honest as possible. Now I’m aware this is totally subjective, but I’m going to try give a fair description. This way you can decide if that type of yoga is for you instead of me telling you go or not.

1: Serenity Yoga:

As I mentioned above I think this is the best place. I like a vinyasa flow class that is challenging and dynamic. Serenity yoga is the most similar to the types of classes you’ll find in Central London. Check out Side and Diaz, both really fun. They also offer Ariel yoga and great vegan food. 120000 IDR (£6.80)

Serenity Homepage

2: Udara:

Now Udara yoga is more Hatha based and as a result is a slower pace. The views are stunning though, especially at sunset. You can do aerial yoga and it is also a hub for Acro Yoga jams. The really cool thing is that on Sundays they host yoga, ariel yoga, acro yoga, estatic dance, a sound bath and the use of some of the spa all for free! 150000 IDR (£8.60)

Udara is hub for Acro Yoga

Udara Homepage

3: Samadhi:

This is another gorgeous space with one side fo the studio being just windows with flowing linen curtains and the sound of running water. The yoga here is also strong which I loved, but it gets very busy so get here early. Also note is cash only. They have loads of events there too, estastic dance, movie nights and on Sundays there is a great market to check out. Price: 140 000 IDR (£8)

Samadhi Homepage

4: The Practice:

Probably the most well known of all the studios in the area. It’s a beautiful studio and has great post complimentary tea. The yoga is pretty slow though, so if you’re a move and inverter, this is not for you. The class is far more holistic, lots of sitting and meditation. So if that’s your thing you’ll love it. Couldn’t find a website or a price, +-140000 IDR

The Practice Facebook

Where to eat:

After all that yoga, no doubt you’ll be wanting to grab a bite. If you get hangry like me then you’ll be in a rush to get some grub. That’s where this travel guide will help you out. Canggu is full of great food so here are my favourites along with a link to their instagram.

1: Copenhagen:

This super cool open air cafe that has the best breakfast by far! You order on a laundry sheet style menu and the presentation is so pretty (see below). You must have the cinnamon bun made fresh and there scrabbled eggs are eggcelent (couldn’t resist). The staff are really friendly and the interior is instagram friendly.


Croissant, jam, butter, and cappuccino on the yoga retreat.
Copenhagen: Presentation is a impressive as the food
Doug Robson is drinking tea at the table in front of houses painted on the wall.
Beautiful mural and coffee in Copenhagen

2: Crate:

Close behind Copenhagen is Crate. This is a much busier and trendier place that still gets to capacity despite having upgraded to a bigger premises. The menu is pretty extensive, serving your classic brunches as well as array of impressive smoothie bowls (see below). Try get here early as wait times for tables and food can increase as the day gets going. Portions are big and I suggest having “the mafia” or “Kiss”.

Crate Cafe

Porridge with jam and berries with black coffee on the yoga retreat.
Crate Smoothie Bowls are spectacular

3: Fabbrica:

Simply the best pizza place! Tons of options and vegan choices too, this place also shares a premises with “The Avo Factory” by day and “BB52” burger joint by night. Meaning, you can check out both while you’re there.


4: Warungs:

These are your traditional balinese style restaurants. You’ll see them everywhere, the food is behind a glass counter and you choose what you want. I love them and they are so much cheaper than a western restaurant. Some people get nervous to eat here for health reasons, but I’ve never got sick here. Warung Varuna was my favourite.

5: The Slow:

This place is as high end as Canggu gets, dishes are expensive for Bali, but the quality is second to none. It is also an art gallery and a boutique hotel and so stylish it hurts. I recommend literally everything on this menu.

The Slow

6: Udara:

Now you’re probably sick of me talking about Udara, but it was the best non breakfast meal I had. High quality, healthy and not overly expensive. Classic Linguine is the money! Again, just be aware it’s a little way off the main area, it’s a beautiful ride if you’ve got a bike though. To make the most use of your time, come on a Sunday and do all the free yoga and then finish off with a meal downstairs.


Udara: My favourite dish while I was out there

7: Pescado:

This place is in a much quieter area of Canggu, and makes for a great lunch and dinner spot. Mediterranean meets Indonesian, the pastas are done particularly well and as the name suggests fish is their forte. Vegans, don’t despair they have you covered too. If you can only swing by then grab a coffee, it’s one of the best around.


What to do

1: Surf:

The beach at batu balong is great for beginners. However as your travel guide I have to tell you It can get very busy, so for a more enjoyable time go in the morning and beat the crowds. Get your stuff form “Kilapa Surf” located next door to the Lawn. They are super helpful and a good laugh. Boards cost 40 000 IDR (£2.40) or a lesson is 350 000 IDR (£20). They have a Warung there too and it’s not fancy, but its good, it’s cheap and it’s got a great view. So grab a post surf bite and watch the waves roll in.

Doug Robson, stunt performer and yoga teacher, with a surfboard on a beach.
Never bored with my board in hand

2: Check out the sights:

There is an array of things to do, temples, waterfalls, volcanoes and swings. They can often be put together into one day trip if you prefer to do them in one go. I’d suggest using Bali Booking Centre as they as really professional and the vehicles are comfortable and air conditioned. My top choices are Tegenungan Waterfall, Tanah Lot and the new Winshnu Garunda Statue. Here is Bali Booking Center’s insta:

Tegenungan Waterfall

3: Watch Sunset from a Jacuzzi:

Ammo spa is a great place, boasting a steam room, a sauna, jacuzzi, two ice baths and a Himalayan salt bath. You can also order drinks and fresh coconuts from inside the spa which is open air and makes it a great place for watching sunset as it faces west. Strangely it’s a great place to meet people and it’s pretty social. Day pass 250 000 (£14)

Ammo Spa Homepage

4: Dance the night away:

No travel guide would be complete without discussing nightlife. There are plenty of party places, each having it’s own special night. Old Mans is pretty frat house vibes on Saturday and Wednesday , Luigis pizza on Thursdays is great hip hop music and turns wild, Pretty Poison also on Thursday continues the party in a bungalow with a skate bowl. My favourite is the Lawn on Friday though. It’s a great beach club everyday, but on Friday night you can dance on the grass under fairy lights and stars to the sickest DJ. It’s also an older crowd which is good for me, you know, because I’m old (36 if you’re asking) 

The Lawn

The Lawn at sunset

5: Crossfit:

The fitness industry is booming over here and two places worth checking out are Bali Empire and Wanderlust. Bali Empire is a little further out (25 min), but is worth the trip. It’s huge space that overlooks a rice field and even has it’s own obstacle course. Wanderlust is run by Dave Driskel and is part of the attraction (Stalk him on insta to see what I mean). This place is always buzzing and much busier, with an on site cafe too it’s a great place to train, get a photo and chow down!

Post Sweat with my man @Faisalpmafitness
Both great gyms and trainers!

So there you have it! My travel guide to Canggu. If you want to join me there next summer than DM me on instagram or email me I run a yoga and fitness retreat with plenty of sight seeing thrown in. It’s more than a retreat, it’s an experience.

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