One of Bali’s many photo opportunities

Bali, island of the gods! By now you must have heard of it. It’s got a variety of landscapes from beaches to jungles to volcanoes. The food is delicious, the waves are always pumping and the temples are as breathtaking as they are ubiquitous. So your’e thinking of going, but are looking for travel tips? Now here’s everything you need to know before you go!

The Checklist

Travel tip 1: Know the Lingo

The first of the travel tips applies everywhere. It’s always a good idea to try use the local language wherever you go. It shows you have an interest in their culture and it always goes a long way. The same is true fo the Balinese language. Now this is not the same as Indonesian, and showing you know the difference makes them love you. As a result I’ve listed some simple phrases below:

  • Hello: Hai
  • How are you: Apa Kabar
  • Good Morning, afternoon, evening: Salamat Pagi (pa-gee), Sore (sore-ray), Malam (Ma-lum)
  • Thank you: Suksma (sook-sa-ma)
  • Pleasure: Mewali (Meh-Wah-lee)
  • Goodbye: Sampi jumpa (Sum-pie Joom-pa)
  • Can I have: Saya Mua (Sigh-a moo-a

Travel tip 2: Make sure your passport is in order

This means nowhere close to expiring and also have at least one empty page for stamps. If you’re staying less than 30 days no visa is required for UK Citizens.

Travel tip 3: When to go

The best time to travel is between May to October, peak months are July and August. At this time the weather is great, but crowds and prices are a bit bigger. For instance I went in late May this year and I thought that was a perfect compromise. Meanwhile from December to February are super rainy, and that can be a drag!

Travel tip 4: Cash is King

Now this travel tip can save you some money. The currency is Indonesian Rupee. Get your money before you travel, you get charged 2-3% every time you withdraw money or use your card over here. Conversion rate is roughly 18000 IDR to 1 GBP. All prices will be listed in 1000, so 40 on menu means 40 000. A rough guide is prices is as follows:

  • Meal: 40k to 150k,
  • Scooter rental: 70k per day
  • Taxi from airport 180k
  • Cocktails 120k,
  • Beer 30-50k
  • Coffee 28k

Travel tip 5: Download GO JEK and Waze

Uber isn’t a thing here, GO JEK is. They even deliver food from pretty much everywhere! However, be aware some areas don’t tolerate GO JEK and you’re encouraged to use local transport. Normally it’s sign posted though. Waze is the best app for getting about as it works offline. Just use wifi to start the journey and then go offline while you travel.

Travel tip 6: Pack your adaptor

Bali use two pin socket and plug (like Europe). I normally bring two so I can charge multiple devices.

Travel tip 7: Wear sunscreen

Listen to me and Baz Lurman because the sun is no joke here. Pack sunscreen, wear your sunscreen. That’s final.

Travel tip 8: The Bum Gun

Plumbing is getting better here, but many places prefer you to dispose of toilet paper in the bin or use the pressure hose. The pressure hose on the side of the toilet is know affectionately as the “Bum Gun” for obvious reasons. Like Marmite, it divides people (and tastes gross).

So there you have it, 8 travel tips you need to know before you go. Now get packing and get excited and make sure you check out my blog post “The Ultimate Travel Guide to Canggu” if you’re planning to go there. However, if you fancy a week away with me on my next yoga retreat make sure you join the mailing list and follow me on Instagram.